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You've decided you need a business intelligence solution, but where do you go from here? What platform should you use? Will it impact normal business operations? How will implementing BI affect your processes? Are you accessing multiple databases?

A data warehouse could be part of the solution. Download our solution brief here.

As we have mentioned, our consulting and data warehousing is not dependent on any one technology, so the doors are open for you to choose the BI platform best suited for you. Our team of professionals is skilled (over 10 years of data warehousing experience each) in maximizing the effectiveness of the platform you choose.

So why the data warehouse solution?

A data warehouse takes your KPI data from a variety of data sources and compiles it into a single version of the truth. The process of building the data warehouse creates the links that bind the different pieces of data that your BI platform eventually reports off of. This gives you a three-dimensional view of your business without affecting your operational database performance in any way.

You could choose to avoid a data warehouse, but consider the following:

  • Running BI off your operational databases reduces efficiency and users begin competing with the BI tool for resources
  • You miss the opportunity to clean your data - garbage in, garbage out
  • Not all BI platforms accept multi-database inputs and cross-reference the data
  • You'll run across data conformance issues
  • Maintaining data in multiple operation systems is neither scalable or effective
The data warehouse is akin to a solid foundation for building a home. If the base of the home is not solid, the home will shift, crack and possibly fall. In BI, without the single source of data, there is no consistency or uniformity in the data. Over time this leads to inaccurate reporting, setting businesses back to square one.

Avoid these pitfalls and look at the prospect of a BravePoint-built data warehouse.

Customize Your BI Solution To Fit Your Unique Needs

Satisfied Customers Say:

"BravePoint worked hard to create an outstanding program for us in a very short time frame. We now have an application that functions the way the commission does business."

Gary Thibauld
Executive Director
South Carolina WCC

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